We’ve been on the road for over 20 years!

In 1995, several leaders of the Rotary Club of Toronto had an idea for an innovative mobile health service that could bring care directly to those experiencing homelessness. They approached the Wellesley Central Hospital and offered to fund a fully equipped vehicle to launch a mobile health program. In 1996, the Rotary Club of Toronto Health Bus made its first trip. It was the first of its kind in Canada, offering a mobile health service that made stops directly in the community.

When the Wellesley Central Hospital closed in 2002, the Health Bus became a program of Sherbourne Health. With Sherbourne’s mission to provide equitable, quality health care, the Health Bus was a perfect fit.

In 2005, when the vehicle needed to be replaced, the Rotary Club funded the second generation, which provided services in Toronto for over a decade.

As the city has changed, Sherbourne has evolved the mobile health program to best meet the needs of the community. In 2016, the Rotary Club once again generously invested so that Sherbourne could build the third evolution of the Health Bus, a state-of-the-art, accessible ‘clinic on wheels’ that can take health services wherever they are needed.

Sherbourne Health is grateful to the Rotary Club of Toronto and its long-standing commitment to the Health Bus.

Sherbourne Health Bus (Side View, Exterior)