What is the Health Bus?

The Health Bus is a mobile health clinic that makes scheduled stops throughout the community. At each stop, you can board the Health Bus and access our services.

We currently offer 2 types of programs on the Health Bus:

  • Our Moss Park IPC Stops provide primary healthcare services, that includes support with case management and mental health. These stops occur in the early evening and weekends in the Moss Park area.
  • Health Bus Specialized Community Program Stops provide specialized services geared to the need for the community or agency.

Where does the Health Bus stop?

The Moss Park IPC program has stops within the Moss Park community, and our Specialized Community Stops are across the City of Toronto.

How can I access the Health bus? Is there a referral process?

You do not need an appointment or referral to access most of our services. Some specialized stops may be closed to only clients of the community agency. Please check the schedule and eligibility.

Do I need a Health card (OHIP) to access services on the health bus?

OHIP is not required, however services may be limited to those without an OHIP card.

Can I have the health bus come to my community agency/location?

Our IPC stops and specialized stops are chosen according to community need and the ability of our programs/staff at Sherbourne to support that need. If you’d like to inquire about potential stops, please contact us.

If you have any other questions or need more information, please contact us.